“Stop, look, and listen,
Before you cross the street.
Use your eyes, use your ears,
Before you use your feet.”

September is all about traffic safety! Over the past week, we have enjoyed teaching the children about the importance of traffic safety and different ways to keep ourselves and our friends safe. In the classroom we discussed the meaning of the different traffic signs, what they look like and what to do if we see them. The children also enjoyed learning about each traffic sign and singing about the stop light colors. Below is one song we learned this week:

“Red on top, green below, red says, “stop!”
Green says, “go!”
Yellow says, “wait!” Even if you’re late!

In addition to all the fun songs we sang, the children also were able to create their own traffic safety snack made out of M&M’s, graham crackers and icing! Visit our Facebook page to see their tasty creation!